W. S. Prettyman
Photographic Collection
Photo Spread Sheet

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Washunga of the Kaws(1) (3)
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Arkansas City in 1879 when Prettyman arrived.
The first gathering of Boomers attempting
settlement of Indian Territory.(1)


Pioneer show woman, 1890s
Cheesecake from the frontier,
an early example of Prettyman's work(1) (3)


A group of Bommer leaders posed in
front of "one of the best hotels". (1)


William S. Prettyman photograph by Bonsall,
shortly after he started working. A headstand
was used to hold him steady for the 12 seconds
needed to expose the glass plate. (1) (3)


On his own now, in a vehicle of his own design,
about to cross the Cimarron River. (1)


These Apache women exhibit the hostility of
a proud, fierce people towards an
encroaching civilization.(1)


The Comanches could be seen slaughtering their
beef allowance on the spot. Man seated is
consuming it "hot".(1)


Cheyenne Indian police, 1884
helped the United States Army
keep order among their kinsmen
and drive out white intruders. (1) (3)


Sac & Fox Chief, Pa She Pa Ho,
1890, wanted nothing the whites had to
offer. He wears a Hudson Bay blanket,
an ancient otterskin crown, a bear claw
necklace, and Great Lakes type moccasins.
He carries a peace pipe fashioned
above a tomahawk. (1) (3) (34)

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Wa Como, Sac & Fox
Wacomo, the Sac and Fox orator.
His long hair marked him as being
outside the warrior group, and is
unusual among his kind.(1) (3)


Sac & Fox bark house.
South of Cimarron River, 1885 or 1889.
Third from the left is Pa She Pa Ho
the Sac Chief. (1) (3) (34) (61)


Kaw bark house on the Cimarron, 1885
(1) (3) (16) (61)


Gall, leader of the Sioux at little Big Horn,
in fighting attire. This picture was
in great demand at the time. (1) (3)


A Tonkawa Indian,
the last and smallest tribe to
arrive in the territory. (1) (42)


David Tohee of the Iowas headed
the most peaceful band of Indians not listed
among the Five Civilized Tribes. 1885(1)


Cheyenne Indian camp(3)




Sac & Fox Council.
Chief Pa-She-Pa-Ho standing(3) (34)


Cheyenne Lance Society(3)

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Pawnee camp.
Shows tipi and hut. Cowhide
is being readied for working. (1) (3) (33)


Pawnee Mud Lodge
winter home in 1880
Standing with their dogs.
(1) (3) (38)


Pawnee family inside their tipi
Summer home, canvas rolled back
to catch breeze.(1) (3) (33) (38)


These Poncas are shown with their temporary
abode in the Cherokee Outlet in 1887. Back
of their brush arbor is a cattleman's drift
fence, the first if not the most pernament
evidence of settlement.(1) (3) (20) (32)


Ponca village.
on left - Red Leaf and 4 wives.
on right - stands Yellow and 3 wives.
(1) (3) (20) (32)


Ponca graveyard in 1884.
Above ground burials were common (1)


Iowas move out for a visit with their
Otoe cousins. Leading horsemen carries
a single scalp of a battle long past. (1)


Ponca with two wives
Comanche medicine against
a backdrop of a prairie village. (1) (3)




Cheyenne Indian Dancers
very scantily dressed.
(1) (3) (29)

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While the Poncas were
no friends of the Sioux,
they borrowed the dress .
(1) (3) (4) (18)


"The Royal Family" of the Osages,
Osage Chiefs and medicine men from
all bands - Great Osage, Little Osage,
Black Dog, and Arkansas.
Che To Pa is second from
left in middle row 1887, 1888. (1) (3) (35)


Osage dancers (1) (3) (35)


Pawnees seated in a semi-circle
on tour with Pawnees Bill's Wild
West Show about 1890
(1) (3) (33) (61)


Sac & Fox Band
Pa She Pa Ho, and his council
of elders seated outside of a traditional
cattail mat-covered shelter. The chief
stands in front center in a white summer robe.
Seated in the place of honor before him is
his mother, then ( in 1884) 107 years old.
(1) (3) (34)


Otoe Indians (3)


Osage Indians.
Bacon Rind is 3rd from left (3)


Osage Chiefs and Medicine men.
Arkansas City KS. 1888(3)


Chief of the Kaw or Kansa Indians.
To many he looked like
"the way an indian should" (1) (3)


A Kiowa boy in indian made clothing
shows the influence of the white solider's
uniforms. The pin stripe on the side
of the trousers is strictly army. (1) (3)

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Kiowa Indian girls
dresses adorned with elks teeth(1) (3) (40)


Betty Falls, with papoose,
was married to a Sac. (1) (3)


Osage - Charley Grant (1) (3)


Osage - Charley Grant (1) (3)


Osage - Grey Horse
left hand - tribal roll,
right hand - two eagle feathers,
braids in hair - beaver skins (1) (3)


Two Osage Women (1) (3)


Otoe, Ma To Pak
(White Bear; son of White Horse)
of the Otoes with wife and 2 children. (1) (3)


Medicine Horse, chief of the Otoes 1883 (1)


In center Barnaba, a Ponca-Ohaha interperter
for the Otoes with Wa Tha Ka Ga on
the left, and La Neway (Little Pipe)
on the right. (1) (3)

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Eagle Chief, Pawnee, 1880
(1) (3) (31)


Eagle Chief - Pawnee (31)


Wayne Headon,
a young Otoe
taken at 101 Ranch
(1) (3) (39)


Bayhylle Baptist, oldest man in
Pawnee Tribe. An interpreter and scout
for the Pawness during the Sioux wars,
100 years old 1885. (1) (3)


Kiowa boy (3)


War Chief of the Pawnees in center,
William Pollock on left,
Ralph Weeks on right. (1)


The Poncas prepare for the Sun Dance
about 1883. Each candidate is painted
and carries a feathered spear in his mouth (1)


Part of the Sun Dance ritual, shortly
after taken discontinued and
banned by the Federal Government. (1)


Ponca dance ground
Photo also credited to Croft.(1) (3)


In 1890 when the Ghost
Dance was at its height, Prettyman
made a distant photograph of a Ponca
village and then superimposed a photo
of a herd of buffalo in the foreground.
The Indian Messiah had said that the
buffalo would reappear and the white
man would disappear. (1) (3)

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Potawatomi girls (1) (3)


Knife Chief - Pawnee (3)


Kickapoo Indians pose before a Prettymans printed drapes in Shawnee country.
Standing left: Ike Steel, Joe Whipple,
Chief Howling Wolf, Kiowa; Chief Bigfoot,
Miss Celene Grey, Pink Shoferd.
Seated: Oc-a-naxie's wife and child, and
Hunger Wilkerson. Others not indentified. 1884- 89. (10)


Kickapoo man holds a cigar
(3) (10) (36)


Sac & Fox boy (3) (14)


Sac And Fox Native American Indian.
Proudly wearing an
American Peace Medal (14)


Indian boy in
government school clothes(4)


Pawnee Indians Adam Clark, Harry Moore(4a)


Indian School boys drinking(4b)


Pawnee family
Father is wearing a peace medal,
baby in a cradle board. (3) (41)

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Kickapoo family (3)


Sac & Fox
French girl, Annie Nadeau (3)


Otoe, La T New Way
(Little Pipe) (3)


Otoe family (3)


Iowas, Frank Kent and
Dan Tohee on the right (3)


Kaw Indian - Washunga
Dramatic end of an era,
a survivor of another generation sits
perplexed as he attempts to understand
the proposals of the white Indian agent,
just outside of the picture, for his future. (1)


Hen Tah, Nez Perce (3)


Henton at Chilocco's "Hiawatha" (3)


Pawnee woman (3)


Washunga on horse, Kaw Indian (3)

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Unidentified woman (3)


Indian maiden (3)


Geronimo under guard (3)


Ponca family; Red Leaf (3)


Ponca "Dandy" (3) (32) (43)




Geromino wearing the clothes
of the white man seated upon a
wooden box, shaving an arrow shaft
with other finished items laying about (51)




Otoes, Chief de Roin on right (3)


Pawnee woman and papoose (3) (30)

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Sitting Bull
the famous Sioux
in a studio setting, not
keeping in his attire.(1) (29)


Buffalo Chief
possibly Sioux or Cheyenne (29)


Creek in native costume - rare (3) (30)


Osage - John Wagoshe (3)


Big Tree, a Kiowa Chief (29)


Roundup in the Cherokee Strip(1) (3)


A Kaw indian holds a quirt. (36)


The day of the cattleman in the
indian territory was brief,
about twenty years. 1885 (1) (58)


Men with bark on branding Cows
(1) (3) (61)


Watering and cooling a herd in the
Salt Fork River about 1887, part
of the Ross Stratton spread. (1)

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Iowas on a Sunday outing (3) (65)


Horse and buggy crossing the Arkansas
via a RR Bridge (3)


A huge ranch of its time, with
many hands, was administered
in the Outlet from a modest
cabin such as this, pictured
under construction about 1883. (1)


Dick yeager,
a good cowboy turned outlaw.(1)


November 1896 recreation of battle with
Dynamite Dick and Ben Cravens
against peace officers. (1)


Early settler in the Cherokee nation. (3)


Dynamite Dick, outlaw (1)


These horses were ridden to the battle scene.
Cravens was injured but survived. (1)


Deputy United States
Marshal Cheeseman (1)


The Triangle area.
The Jordan Blockhouse.
Two men guarding home of
J.W. "Cherokee" Jordan, located at mouth
of the Cimarron River, 1888
(1) (58)

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The Triangle area, a hunter's paradise.
In front of the Barker outlaw cave
is left to right, the Reverend A. C. Kronk,
J. W "Cherokee" Jordon,
and W. S. Prettyman. (1) (58)


An encampment of those awaiting the
start of the opening of the Oklahoma District
or "Unassigned Lands" 1889. (1) (26)


A few days before the Run of 1889.
Prettyman's attempt at candid
photography shots. Photo also credited to Cunningham. (1) (3) (8)


(3) (61)


Tonkawa family
Osages leave wickiup in favor
of frame dwelling, a winding March day. (1) (3)


Turkey Creek Ranch near Enid, 1880s.
Cowboys at dinner. (1)


A frontier "Bommer" family encamped
but on the move West.
Only one-third of those who
made the run were successful.
These kids and parents were moving towards
destiny in a new land April 1889.
Stillwater ?
(1) (2) (3) (12)(68)


Source of drinking water became a
problem. One enterprising future citizen
roofed over a spring and was
selling water by the pail. (1)


4,000 wagons lined up to cross the
Salt Fork, preparing to make
the "Run of '89". For endless
miles the covered wagons of
the pioneers move up to the starting
line for the land rush. Here the
procession is held up by the swollen
Salt Fork River.
At the extreme right, may be
seen a railroad bridge. (1) (3) (61)


Harvest at 101 Ranch (3)

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500 wagons crossing the Salt Fork
on the RR Bridge to get
Back to Top     into position for the 1889 Run.
Captain Jack Hayes,
the escort officer on duty at
this point, secured heavy timbers,
laid them across the steel rails of the
railroad bridge, and marshaled the
able-bodied males for the arduous job
of pushing and pulling thousands of
heavy wagons across the stream.
(1) (3)


Land run crossing on
a railroad bridge, 1889.(2) (3)


The last hours before the Run of 1889
are whiled away.


The gentleman on the right is
holding either a Winchester 1901
or Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun.
The other guns depicted are believed
to be a Hotchkins (left) and a Springfield (center). On the back of the photo are the names,
left to right, Geo Eagle, Stack Lee, White Eagle,
and W.S. Prettyman. (50)


Yesterday the prairie, today a city is born.
4pm April 22, 1889 as the city of Guthrie emerged. (1)


"Holding a Town Lot"
Peter Pearson, nearest the camera,
and Dr. Aker in the rear, who are founding
fathers of Guthrie. Photo is credited to Prettyman,
Cunningham, and Fred Wenner.
(1) (8a) (9)


By mid-afternoon on April 22, 1889,
claimants of homesteads appeared in
front of the land office at Guthrie to establish
legal rights to their lands. Lot claimants were
not eligible to file here; they simply had to
fight it out for a few months. (1)


Oklahoma Lawyers ready for business,
using a trunk and a wooden box for
an office. Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory,
April 22, 1889 Photo also credited
to Fred Wenner, Photographer. (1) (9)


April 22, 1889, awaiting the arrival
of a train coming south through
the Indian Territory, awaiting
news from home. (1)


Just five days after the first town lots
had been claimed at Guthrie, some
thousand people were buzy creating
permanent structures. In the distance
tents are streched to the horizon. (1)


May 1889 Oklahoma City,
looking west on California Avenue. (1)

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Indians from Guthrie and their agents
posed, at this site the first capitol
of the future Oklahoma was to be built. (1)


City building was not for everyone,
here country folks are getting
busy with the business of crops
and ranching. (1)


May 14, 1889 Guthrie residents
staged a special show for
a visiting congressman, who
backed the Oklahoma Bill. (1)


Waiting for land run
at Purcell, Oklahoma Territory, 1889.


April 19, 1892 the assembling land rushers
who would dash into Cheyenne
and Arapahoe country.
(One of the five land rushes) (1) (8)


7 am , September 11, 1893
five days before the great run
was made into the Cherokee Outlet.
On the line registering to go into the strip.
Olando, O.T. (1) (2)


Moving down from Kansas to line
up for land run of 1893.
September 13, 1893 Prettyman caught
in the act , in the lower
left talking to a customer, settler.
Also credited to
Robert Cunningham, Photographer
(1) (2) (3) (8)


Boomers preparing for land run,
September 15, 1893 (2)


Start of the "Run of 1893."
Credited to A. A. Forbes. (4) (15)



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Wagons Ready for the Opening
of the Cherokee Strip in 1893 (6)


Waiting To Sign Up For
The Cherokee Strip Run, Sept. 16, 1893 (6)


Land Opening 1983
Registering at Booth # 9;
Arkansas City, Ks.
September 11 - 15 , 1893
(4) (13) (27)


Taken on the Kansas line, one
hundred thousand people joined
the race into the Cherokee Outlet.
North line of 1893 land run.
(1) (2) (4) (27)


Land Opening 1893,
Lining up in Arkansas City, Ks
One of three photos Prettyman
and his associates made,
before the race started. In a
few minutes he joined the race,
leaving picture taking to his associates.
The first use of a high platform to take the picture known.


1893 Cherokee Outlet
Photo 2 of 3, John Sherwood is on the white horse.
Elias McClenny is ahead of John.
Fred McClenny is just behind John.
High noon September 16, 1893,
taken by one of Prettyman associates.
(1) (11) (13) (19) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25)


Photo 3 of 3
Two seconds later another
associate took this picture. The slower
wagons have replaced the horses in this
view. The picture was considered too blurred
at this time to use. Sept. 16, 1893.
Credited to Cunningham(1) (8)


In the groves along
Walnut River, Kansas, 1889. (2)


The horse, the claim, the virgin prairie in
the Cherokee Outlet monents after
the great race began. The claim
was Prettyman's, as was the horse. (1)


The Cherokee Outlet was destined,
mainly, for wheat
culture, but the prairie sod
was first broken by oxen. The
soil was blessed by calcium and
phosphorus, rich beyond the
Imaginings of the Pioneers. (1)

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The run into the Cherokee Outlet was
made in earliest autumn, but
on these plains the chills winds came
soon after. Building materials were
scarce - much of the country was treeless.
Soddies were constructed from chunks
of prairie turf. (1)


Frontier home
As the months passed,
some of the "amenities"
of settled like began appear. (1) (3)


If a man had a shotgun he could
live well off the prairies
awaiting his first crops.(1)


One year after the run in
1894, more comfortable,
"Full Soddies" began to appear. (1)


A few years later,
frame homes appeared. The grains
shocks in the background bespeak
properity from the rich soil. (1)


In less than 6 years,
the cow pasture appearance
of the Cherokee Outlet was gone
and true affluence began to be evident.
On the land near the claim he had staked
and sold, Prettyman made this picture of a
bountiful harvest.
The Oklahoma that Prettyman loved was no more (1)


A Quapaw Family and their
dwelling at the time of
the first runs, eastern and
southern territories. (1)


Group shot of settlers and Indians (1) (3)


Sac & Fox;
First White School


Prettyman could not reconcile large
scale farming and livestock raising,
permanent dwellings, and fences with
Indian life. He therefore spent little time
with the Five Civilized Tribes, but here is
another one of his views revealing the
unmistakable southern influences upon
these tribes.(1) (3)

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Joel Mayes,
Chief of the Cherokees
show the influence of civilization. (1) (3)


Bishop, priests, Indian boys, teachers,
and students at "old" Sacred Heart Mission
in the Shawnee country before
the turn of the century. (1) (3)


Chilocco Indian School farm.
A harvest scene. (3)




Wooden derrick at 101 Ranch (3)


Girl at a spinning wheel (3)


Buffalo with Indian village
doing ghost dance in background. (3)


Scene on Bitter Creek
Kay County, Oklahoma. 1901 (3)


Ranch hands at dinner
Stratton Ranch, 1884. Ross Stratton
is 2nd from left (3)


Elk in timber (3)

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Osage family in front of their home (3)


G.W. Lillie "Pawnee Bill"
with child on camel (15)


Far East Show performance
at Miller Bros. 101 Ranch. (15)


Far East Show performance
at Miller Bros. 101 Ranch. (15)


WWI Jenny next to wagon and
oxen team, Miller Bros. 101 Ranch. (15)


Settlers on their homestead
site near Guthrie, O.T., April 1889 (15)




Zack Miller branding a calf
at the 101 Ranch (3)


Show going on at 101 Ranch.
Shows parking lot. (3)


101 Ranch packing house

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101 Ranch, cowboys loading boxcars.


Moses Keokuk's home (Sac & Fox) (3)


Ollie Yeager - cowboy and outlaw (3)


Oklahoma Land Office (in a tent).
1889 in Guthrie (3)


Harvest time at 101 Ranch.
Mule driven threshers. (3)


Boomers Base camp before the 1889 land run.
at Arkansas City, Kansas, 1889 (2)


Boomers on Kansas state line,
April 19th, 1889. (2)


Outfitting on north line
for 1893 land run. (2)


On the line registering for 1893
land run, September, 11 1893. (2)



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James H Logan; Conductor (46)


Unknown Portrait(17)


Moses Koekuk and wife (3)


W. S. Prettyman(3)


Possibly a member of
the Hattie Kellogg family (44)




An old Civil War
veteran still in his blues;
pioneer settler. Credited to
Bonsall, photographer (1) (3)


(3) (61)


Cowboys in camp
KKK Ranch, 1885
Ross Stratton owner,
north of Kaw Reservation (3)



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Pawnee Bill, also known as
Major Gordon W. Lillie, an interpreter
of the Pawnee tribe and the man
credited with the opening of the
Cherokee Strip. (47)


Prettyman Studio was responsible
for many of the before and after
pictures of young Indians who went
off to the white man's school. (57)


A street scene in Guthrie
10 days after the opening. (26)


Guthrie - A City of Tents (49)


Boomers waiting on
the State Line April 19th, 1889 (26) (66)


The way they nominated
the first mayor of Guthrie.
(4) (61)


Horse-drawn parade wagon float,
with a young man and his wife,
whom we presume to be the Prettyman's.
A flag topped awning announcing "Prettyman"
protects the lady from the sun, it's supporting
posts decorated . (28)


Bridge Building (30)

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This one and the next, both taken on the
same day in the summer of 1889.
as evidenced by the floral decorations
on the clothing, the participants are Osage (37)




Unknown gentleman
Blackwell, Oklahoma (48)


Woody Jones(53)


Serenity (56)







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In Line to register before going into the Strip
September 12, 1983
Orlando, O.T.


Run 1893 "The Strip"


1893 Run, The Strip








Otoe indian , two wives and family(61)




Boomers Claim Shanty, Oklahoma Territory (61)


The Way They Voted for the First Mayor of Guthrie

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Pawnee Indian Squaw with Pappoose




A Street Scene in Guthrie 10 days after the opening. (61)




The Cyclone. may 12th, 1896,4:00 P.M.,
five miles north of Oklahoma City, O.T.,
Written on Back "Having opened one of the finest photographic
studios in the west,I am now prepared to execute strictly first
class work. Will make a specialty of enlarging in Crayon, Pastel,
Water color, and India Ink. Satisfaction guaranteed on all work.
Respectfully, W. S. Prettyman.
Over Andersonís Drug Store, Blackwell, O.T." (62)




Brother of Pipe Stem & wife",
Charles Pipestem and his wife, Ruth-Lucy. (65)




Beef Issue at Cheyene - Arapaho Agency, Darlington 1889
The cattle were released from the coral, men on horseback chased. (67)

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(30) Fine Group of Indian Cabinet Cards by W.S. Prettyman; Lot 286: Catalog: Best from the Midwest:Spring 2004"; Sale May 20 2004; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; captured: 5/1/2004 3:01pm
(31) Two Cabinet Cards of Oto Indian Eagle Chief ; Lot 287; Catalog: Best from the Midwest: Spring 2004; Auction House: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Sale Date: May 20 2004 Ebay: Live Auctioneers; Captured:5/1/2004 3:00pm
(32)Three Cabinet Cards of Ponca Indians; Lot 288; Catalog: Best from the Midwest: Spring 2004; Auction House: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Sale Date: May 20 2004; Ebay: Live Auctioneers; Captured:5/1/2004 3:00pm
(33) Three Cabinet Cards of Pawnee Indians by Prettyman; Lot 289; Best from the Midwest:Spring 2004"; Sale May 20 2004; Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; captured: 5/1/2004 2:59pm
(34) Four Cabinet Cards of Sac and Fox Indians by Prettyman; Lot 290; Catalog: Best from the Midwest: Spring 2004; Sale date: May 20, 2005; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; captured 5/1/04 2:58pm
(35) Lot of Two Cabinet Cards of Osage Indians ; Lot 291; Catalog: Best from the Midwest: Spring 2004; Auction House: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Sale Date: May 20 2004; Ebay: Live Auctioneers; Captured:5/1/2004 2:56pm
(36) Two Cabinet Cards of Kaw and Kickapoo Indians by Pretttyman"; Lot 292; Catalog: Best from the Midwest:Spring 2004"; Sale Date: May20, 2005: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; captured: 5/1/04 2:58pm
(37) Ghost Dance by Prettyman; Lot 293; Catalog; Best from the Midwest: Spring 2004; Auction House: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions; Sale Date: May 20 2004; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; Captured 5/1/04 2:56pm
(38) Cabinet Cards of American Indians by W. S. Prettym"; Lot 294; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; Catalog: Best from the Midwest:Spring 2004"; Sale Date: May20, 2005: Cowan's Historic Americana Auctions captured: 5/1/04 2:53pm
(39) Historic Photo; Lot 638; Catalog: Big Spring Phoenix Auction 2003; Auction House: Allard Uctions, Inc, Mesa Arizona, Sale Date: Mar 15, 2003; Ebay; Live Auctioneers; captured 5/9/04 12:52pm
(40) Orig. Prettyman Photo 2 Kiowa Indian Girls; Ebay item number: 2584495444; seller:bigfrankiemc captured: 12/27/2003
(41) Orig. Prettyman Photo, Pawnee Indian Family; Ebay item number: 2584506185 seller:bigfrankiemc captured: 12/27/03
(42) Orig. Prettyman Photo Tonkawa Indian Man; Ebay item 2584515486; Seller's name - bigfrankiemc; captured 12/27/2003 11:47pm
(43) Orig. Prettyman Photo of Ponca Indian Man; Ebay item number: 2584529169 seller:bigfrankiemc captured: 12/27/03
(44) Victorian Cabinet Photo Baby In Lace Dress; Ebay item number: 3261586444 seller: leifantiques caputered: 12/19/2003
(45) 4 Four antique photos photographer's cards long hair; Ebay item 3280520563; Seller's name: ??3280520563 captured: 3/12/2004 9:37pm
(46) Vintage Train Conductor...Nice...Must See; Ebay item 3283188397 ; Seller's name: beermel; captured: 3/25/2004 8:13pm
(47) Rare, Early, Original Cabinet Card of Pawnee Bill ; Ebay item 3290629925 ; Seller's name: Antiquist; captured: 5/3/2004 7:44pm
(48) Late 1800s Studio Photograph Man-Blackwell,OK-OT; Ebay item 3291579317 ; Seller's name: Theyankeetrader75; captured: 5/9/2004 9:40pm
(49) Oklahoma Territory Cabinet Card / Guthrie OK / 1889 ; Ebay item 3294940137 ; Seller's name: steviebaby; captured: 5/28/2004 6:24pm
(50) Winchester and American Indian Photo ; Ebay item 3682476507 ; Seller's name: beverlybuttercup; captured: 6/16/2004 7:13pm
(51) Original Glass Negative Photo of Geronimo-nr; Ebay item; 3282946712; seller: Center Village Antiques captured: 3/25/04 8:14pm
(52) Original Glass Negative Photo Native Americans; Ebay item;3283160970; seller: Center Village Antiques; capture: 3/24/04 8:00pm
(53) Old Picture of Woody Jones by Prettyman, Arkansas City; Ebay item: 3724477044 seller: cataloglady captured: 5/15/2004 9:08am
(54) Prettyman Cabinet Photo Blackwell Oklahoma Territory; Ebay item 6102662245; Seller's name: jenaroro; captured: 6/14/2004 7:43pm
(55) Prettyman Cabinet Photo Arkansas City Kansas; Ebay item 6102664258; Seller's name: jenaroro; captured: 6/14/2004 7:43pm
(56) Old Big Photo signed Prettyman "Serenity" Creek Town; Ebay item 6105658798; Seller's name: jupijoop; captured: 6/29/2004 9:14pm
(57) Indian Girl Cabinet Photo by Prettyman & Cornish; Ebay item 6108875961; Seller's name: uptownarts; captured: 7/19/2004 8:40pm
(58) Triangle Country and Colonel Jordan Fall 1997 Oklahoma State Trooper magazine, by Darlene Platt captured:8/12/04
(59) Darling Chld in Fur & Velet *Cabinet Photo* Late 1800's; Ebay Item number: 6117088634; Seller's Name: walletworld; captured: 9/4/2004
(60) 8 Antique 4 by 6 inch Photos of People, CO, KS, Neb, PA; Ebay Item Number: 6151884835; Seller's name: hinsdalelfb; captured: 2/9/2005
(61) Kansas City Public Library, Otoe Indian Family, item 215575, location P23, Box 1, Folder 4, Number 6
P23, Box 1, Folder 1, Number 6 item 214643 barcode 10017618 (62) Ebay - Cyclone Cabinet Photo, Prettyman Blackwell O.T. 1896 Item number: 6255705194 Start Time Feb-19-06 18:00:00 PST seller prodmgr2001
(63) Ebay - Blackwell, Oklahoma Territory Cabinet Photograph!, Item number: 6271498817 ended Apr-19-06 20:21:38 PDT, Seller: dragoonminer, Captured 4/17/2006, Captured: 2/20/06
(64) Ebay - Cabinet Photo Famous Land Run Photographer Prettyman OT Item number: 300017493079 Endtime: Aug-20-06 18:03:34 PDT, Seller: dbok (65) Otoe-Missouria Archive Photographs Native Broken Claw
(66) Oklahoma City, Land Run to Statehood by Terry Giffith. Books.Goggle.com (1889)
(67) Tribal sovereignty and Historical Imagination: Cheyene - Arapaho Ploitics, by Loretta Fowler. Books.Goggle.com
(68) University of California, Davis, The History Project, Professional Development for Social Studies Teachers Captured: 6/06/2007
(69) Prettyman, Kansas Image, c1889, Ponca, OT Indian Agent?, Ebay item 120238086069, Captured 3/27/08 8:07pm, seller : loosecannon6970

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